Ancient Aliens: What was the history channel thinking?

It has come to my attention that the History Channel, in desperate need of viewers, seems to have become devoted to giving credence to all this pseudoscience bullcrap. Hence why my favorite television channel is giving voice to Ancient Aliens, a vapid, insipid show that gets everything wrong. For the uninitiated Ancient Aliens is a show that attempts to give argument in favor to the ancient astronaut theory. This theory holds that at some point in our distant past we were visited by extraterrestrials. Now I have done a little research and as far as I can tell these clowns get everything wrong.

This is the show's message in a nutshell

This is the show’s message in a nutshell

The main premise of the show isn’t even History, that’s what pisses me of the most. If this had been on some kind of speculative science channel or the Sy-Fy channel I wouldn’t be so pissed!

Above are the three parts of a documentary about all of the lies and extreme mistakes they made during the show, be very afraid my friends. Below I will include links to other sites on this topic. I want to let my adoring public know that while I don’t buy this theory my current beliefs can include the presence of extraterrestrials as I believe that there is no way we are the only habitable planet in the universe.


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